Dog Walking Adventures: Activity, Socializing, and Exploring

Available Monday through Friday, these group hikes are ideal for dogs that love to romp, run, and sniff around. Here are all the kibbles and tidbits you need to know about our Dog Walking Adventures in Oakland, CA.

  • Packs of 6 or fewer dogs are lovingly assembled based on the dogs’ preferences and personalities.
  • Dog Walking Adventures hit nearby trails, including Redwood Regional, Sibley, Claremont Canyon, Leona Canyon, and the Berkeley Marina.
  • Dogs are out of the house for about 2-3 hours total, depending on where he/she is on the route, and an hour of that is on-the-trail adventure time.
  • Dogs are generally off-leash, but if your dog needs to be on-leash for whatever reason, we’ve got him/her covered.
  • Walkers use positive reinforcement and bonding techniques to strengthen your dog’s behavior and their dog-human relationship.
  • Dogs often learn new (or hone existing) positive practices, like “sit”, “stay” and “come/here” when they are part of a pack.

Pricing Options

We have options to fit your needs and your doggie’s desires.

Payment Option Description Rates    
Adventure memberships Membership Options based on your needs: $720 per month, per dog (5x/week)     
    $610 per month, per dog (4x/week)
    $470 per month, per dog (3x/week)
    $300 per month, per dog (2x/week)

Service Area

Pickup points are in Adams Point, Lakeshore, Temescal, North Oakland, South Berkeley, Elmwood, Rockridge, Jack London Square, Redwood Heights, Montclair, Millsmont, the Oakland Hills, and other parts of Oakland, CA. If you’re not sure if we pick up in your area, please complete an inquiry form here, and we’ll let you know. (If we don’t, we can certainly do solo dog walks instead!)

Our (Doggie) Treat: 20% off your first month of Dog Walking Adventures

New clients only. Just mention this offer when you sign up!

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Other Services

In addition, we also offer these dog walking,
dog boarding, and pet sitting services in Oakland, CA.

Solo Dog Walks

Solo Dog Walks

For dogs that like to stroll at their own pace and/or thrive on individualized attention. These neighborhood walks keep your pup close to home but get them out for some fresh air and one-on-one fun.

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Dog Boarding & Pet Sitting

Dog Boarding & Pet Sitting

To keep your dog at ease—and give them lots of extra attention, distraction, and love—while you’re away. These services include walks, feedings, snuggles, and more.

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New Client Special
30% off your first month’s walking services Contact us: Ask about our safety protocols & discount restrictions