Frequently Asked Questions

No. Dogs who are safe and obedient off-leash get the freedom to roam, but we are happy to keep dogs on-leash if that better suits their preference and personality. We can decide together what’s best for your pup.

Talk to Us! Ask us any questions and tell us your concerns, and we’ll be able to get a pretty good sense of whether or not your pup will thrive on group hikes. We’d also love to meet your pup and do a trial walk near your home to better assess if they can come out with a pack or need leashed neighborhood walks instead.

Pickup times vary, depending on your dog’s spot on the route, as well as if the walker has other services to provide that day, but are generally between 9:30a-2:30p. I’m sorry we don’t offer specific morning or afternoon pick up options.

We go to a variety of trails depending on the weather and pickup locations, including Redwood Regional, Sibley, Claremont Canyon, Joaquin Miller, Cesar Chavez, Leona Canyon, and the Berkeley Marina.

 Not regularly because our walkers’ focus is on safety and enrichment. On occasion we will post on our Instagram page and tag you so you can see your pup out with their pack mates, having a grand ole time.

We use one number for texts to the entire team. This helps you communicate with your walkers, our admin team and the management team, and allows us to provide you with the best service possible.

We require that dogs in group hikes are current on rabies, bordatella and distemper vaccinations. We also highly recommend the combination vaccination for distemper (generally denoted by the letters DHLPP, DHPP or DA2PP).