Meet Our Dog Walking Professionals

We’re reliable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. And, of course, we LOVE dogs.

The Jet Dog Difference

We believe in the strength and importance of the dog-human bond and know that dogs take something away from every interaction they have. So our goal is to always make our hikes, walks, and dog boarding time with your pup positive and productive. There’s a big litter of dog walkers in Oakland, CA, to choose from—but here are the many reasons why we lead the pack.

dogs running in grass field
Focused, Close-Knit Team

Our amazing caretakers are dedicated to engaging and bonding with your dog every day.

Reliability You Can Trust

We’ve got your back with sub walkers so your dog doesn’t ever miss a walk, no matter what.

Owner Operated

Our fun-and-fearless leaders Hargo & Audree keep the business running smoothly with you & your pup top of mind.

Certified & Insured

We’re licensed and insured - all of our walkers are vetted and background checked for guaranteed safety.

The Jet Dog Team

We’re reliable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy dog walking professionals — learn about what makes us stellar here.

woman shaking hands with dog

Audree (she/her)


Audree started Jet Dog in July 2013, naming the business after her sweet pup, Jet. She did it all solo back then – walking and running the business. Not only did she learn a ton about dogs, but so much more – customer service, how vital coordination of details is in this business, and how to build and support an amazing team!

Today she serves clients behind the scenes to keep the standard of care high and consistent. She lives with her Mexican Mutt, Sola (pictured here – a failed foster she and her son brought home to the US after a long stay in Mexico), and loves to dance in her spare time.

man laying with dog

Hargo (he/him)


Hargo brings almost two decades of experience in the pet care industry to the trail and enjoys sharing that knowledge with pups, and their humans, too! As Jet Dog blossomed into the dog walking service it is today, Hargo partnered with Audree to bring you the Jet Dog many know and trust. He has the pleasure of knowing every Jet Dog pup personally, and helping set them up for success on the trail.

When he’s off the trail he spends his time fostering pups, sailing, biking, camping, spear fishing, snow sports, and of course always looking for the next adventure! His adventure companions are Panini, and his foster “fail” Red (he said not in a million years he’d adopt Red, and here they are, best buds).

Oakland dog walker Patrick

Patrick (he/him)


Patrick is an East-Coast transplant with the perfect amount of East Bay in him. For many years, he was a dog walking professional in San Francisco, so he knows dogs and pack behavior very well. (He’s also an overall great guy!) Pups just love the way he talks to them.

woman with husky dog on dock

Jenee (she/her)


Jenee was born and raised in the Bay Area and comes to Jet Dog with an inherent love of animals. She has lived with dogs, horses, rabbits and any other creature she could spend time with. In addition to walking for Jet Dog she is a body worker, and spent 30 years with human creatures as a preschool teacher. Her life long dream of living with a Malamute came true in 2016 when she and her husband rescued Malka, the sweetest, most chill ‘big dog’ you could ever meet. 

man with dog in feild

Kevin (he/him)


When Kevin landed in the Bay Area 11 years ago from his homeland of NE Ohio, his first job was at an area doggie play and daycare. There, Kevin learned the ways of ‘dog mind’ as he supervised groups of up to 50 dogs. After his time there, he continued to care for the pups and kitties of his guitar students. “There is nothing that makes my heart smile more than being in the presence of our furry brothers and sisters.”  

person holding dog in snow

Isa (they/them)


Hi, I’m Isa. I’ve been taking care of dogs and cats my whole life. I have always had a strong connection with animals. As an adult, my dog Baxter has become my personal beacon of joy and happiness in my daily life. I am an active person who loves the outdoors and want to be in the woods or on the beach in California with dogs at all times. I have a deep respect and love for animals and will likely fall in love with your pets and always give them the best possible care they may need.

woman holding dog

Maggie (she/her)


Maggie was born and raised and continues to live in Oakland.  With years of experience sitting for dogs and cats on her own, she is thrilled to be a part of Jet Dog and in the company of humans who love and respect animals as much as she does.  An added bonus is her heightened compassion for senior pets, and experience caring for them and their special needs.  

woman in parking lot with dog

Maria (she/her)


Hi, I’m Maria,
I bring my lifelong love for animals and in-depth experience with my own cats and dogs of different sizes and temperaments to every pet encounter, to provide exceptional care for your four-legged family members. I understand how important it is to find a professional you can trust, and that’s why I’m happy to join Jet Dog’s dedicated team. When I’m not looking after your pups, I’m taking care of my own two very active kitties who are 5 and 12 years old.

woman on beach with dog

Mui (she/her)


Mui has lived with dogs of all different shapes, sizes, and temperaments, and has a passion for filling dogs’ lives with adventure and love. It’s important to her that every pup she looks after feels safe and happy, so she is committed to caring for each of their individual needs. She spends every second she can exploring the West Coast with her best friend Buggie.

woman on couch with dogs

Ruth (she/her)


Ruth has been actively involved with dogs for over 2 decades.  A Former Co-Owner of Paws & Claws, a Natural Pet Food store & grooming spa (est. 2004), she was on the forefront of introducing exceptional pet foods, homeopathic tinctures, and natural products to the local community.  Paws & Claws also introduced the cage free method of dog grooming to the field. After selling Paws & Claws in 2019, she continues to be involved with dogs by volunteering with “A Dogs New Life” in Bucerias, Mexico whenever she visits her home in Mexico. She also enjoys pet sitting and prides herself on the exceptional attention and love she gives all dogs.  She currently has 2 terrier mutts who enjoy traveling with her and her wife to Mexico during vacation time. 

man selfie with dog

Dean (he/him)


I have lived in Hayward for over 5 years. For more than 30 years I have worked in education, healthcare and legal professions. I have always loved dogs.  We have our own furbaby, Daniel. He is a rescue and is just amazing.

For the past 12 years, I did Boarding/Walking on the side, and in addition, I’ve lived with 2 dogs and provided care for them.  I am now transitioning into doing it on a full-time basis.

I only accept one dog at a time, so your pup will get tons of attention love, and playtime.

woman selfie with dog

Suzanne (she/her)


Hi I’m Suzanne; I have always had dogs in my life. For many years, I worked in Border Collie rescue, helping find forever homes for abandoned Border Collies. I have been blessed to be a dog mom to great Australian Shepherds. For the last 5 ½ years I have been working with Audree and Jet Dog, doing administration.

Although I don’t have the pleasure of spending time with our Jet Dog pups, I enjoy helping coordinate their visits and helping pup parents with questions – when I’m not playing with my toy Aussie Teddi.