FAQs / Answers to commonly asked dog walking and pet sitting questions.

Frequently Asked Questions :-

Are dogs on pack adventures always off-leash?

No. Many of them are safe and obedient off-leash that they get the freedom to roam, but some need to stay on leash on the trail. We can decide together what’s best for your pup.

How long are you out on the trail for pack adventures?

We are on the trail for at least 1 hour.

I’m not sure my dog is a good pack adventure candidate. How can I find out?

First, let’s talk about your dog so I can understand your concerns/questions. I will have a pretty good sense from talking, but always want to meet your pup in a trial walk near your home, to better assess if s/he can come out with a pack or needs leashed neighborhood walks.

What time will my dog be picked up for a pack adventure?

Pick-up times vary depending on your dog’s spot in the route, as well as if the walker has other services to provide that day. Pack adventure pick-ups range between 10:30am-2:15pm, give or take. If a walker has two packs in a day, the earlier pick-up is 10:30-11:30am, and the later is 1-2:15pm. If the walker doesn’t have two packs, pick-up is usually 12-1:30pm. We aim to have the packs go out as close to midday as possible so your pup has some time on either end at home after/before you leave/return home.

Where do you go for the pack adventures?

We go to a variety of places depending on the weather and pick up locations, including Redwood Regional, Sibley, Claremont Canyon, Joaquin Miller, Cesar Chavez and Leona Canyon.