Dog Training in the East Bay

Get Your Dog To Do Anything You Want Using Rewards Based Training.

Jet Dog dog training helps you (re)build the foundation with your dog so that you’re getting the behaviors you want and need, and she’s happier too. Win win.

Everyone has a different opinion about what is okay when it comes to dog behavior.
Some say jumping on people is bad, others call it a hug.
Some say barking at people who come to the door is good cause it keeps them safe, while it drives others crazy.
And then of course there are behaviors that just about every human would agree are less than optimal – lunging at other dogs walking by, barking at people on the street, and cowering in the corner.
My guess is you’re reading this because you have something you want your dog to do differently.
The good news: Jet Dog dog training is here to help.

Training Options

Regardless of the option you choose, our dog training starts with an initial phone call to hear about what you’re looking to do, then we’ll come meet you and your dog to assess the situation, and consult with you on the steps necessary to support your dog in making the changes you want to see.

Option 1: Midas Touch

If you’re super busy and can’t imagine how you’ll find the time to teach your pup what you want him/her to know, we can be your dog’s trainer. We come to your home and work with your dog on a consistent, ongoing basis to teach him/her desired behaviors, then have integration sessions with you where you’ll practice what s/he’s learned so you can reinforce the new behaviors when you’re out and about doing your thing together. The perfect solution for guardians who simply don’t have enough time to get the behaviors they want on their own.

Option 2: Mums the Word

If you want to be the person teaching your dog his/her new behaviors and you have the time to do so consistently so it sticks, a Jet Dog trainer will come to your home and teach you how to train your dog. You’ll learn key mechanics and technical aspects to help make the training effective. Mums the Word is perfect for the guardian who has the time to practice, practice, practice with your pooch.
All Jet Dog dog training includes a debrief of the training and recommendations for getting the behavior consistently so you’re happy and your dog is happier.